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Hidden places to eat in Boipeba Bahia

Hidden places to eat in Boipeba Bahia

Boipeba is Bahia's most wonderful and off the beaten track island with no cars or traffic, just miles of unspoilt beaches and unique and beautiful places to stay, like the Pousada Santa ClaraPousada Mangabeiras to name a fewChoosing where to eat well, is simply a case of discovering the hidden gems that come with their own unique offerings and ambiance. Here are the ones worth checking out on your travels:

Fresh, delicious lunch or dinner - reservations only
Sambura restaurant in the village of Morerê, also home to Pousada A Mangueira. This cosy home restaurant looking out into the ocean is run by husband and wife Guiliano and Estela, big fans of Hidden Pousadas Brazil. They serve lovingly prepared freshly-made native dishes and frutos do mar (seafood) are always a speciality.We were invited by chef Guiliano, to experience some of his favourite dishes. Getting there from the main village of Velho Boipeba entails an hour and a half's treck through lush forest and along wonderfullyunspoilt sandy beaches, all the time looking out over palm trees and turquoise blue sea
For starters Aipim Frito - Casava chips with a beetroot and tomato salad
Followed by A fish stew with onions, tomatoes and cooked olives, accompanied with rice.

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  1. Estela e Giuliano. Parabéns pelo sucesso. Quem sabe faz a hora:"Já dizia a canção, quem sabe faz a hora, não espera acontecer, assim é a felicidade e o sucesso, enquanto muitos esperam, outros a buscam, tenha em mente que você é senhor de seu destino. Vocês estão colhendo os frutos que plantaram e é com muita alegria que compartilham com os amigos o sabor doce desse sucesso. Bjs e mais uma vez Parabéns... Cidinha Morales